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Here's What You'll Get
 LIFETIME Access to the Extraordinary Lifestyle Mastermind Group (Valued At $1,495)
 LIFETIME Access to the Extraordinary Lifestyle Master Class  (Valued At $3,500)
 Extraordinary Lifestyle PDF Package (Valued At $997)
 WEEKLY Live Coaching Call With Me (Valued At $1,997)
 BONUS: LIFETIME Access to the Premium Behavioral Change Course (Valued At $297)
TOTAL VALUE: $11,374
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What's Included...
Module 1: Mindset
 Lesson 1: What You Believe is What You Become
 Lesson 2: This Will Give You Clarity
 Lesson 3: Successful People Are "Committed", Not "Interested"
 Lesson 4: Courage is Your Most Important Virtue Right Now
 Lesson 5: How to Live an Extraordinary Life
 Lesson 6: Unlearn Limiting Mindsets
Module 2: Environment
 Lesson 1: Control Your Environment or It Will Control You
 Lesson 2: Don't Set Goals, Set Systems Instead
 Lesson 3: Here's How to Automatically Attract Enormous Success 
 Lesson 4: Take Yourself Out of the Equation
 Lesson 5: You Need to Be Able to Do Deep Work
Module 3: Discipline
 Lesson 1: Discipline = Freedom
 Lesson 2: Information Alone Isn't Enough
 Lesson 3: Do What Most People Won't Do
 Lesson 4: Improving One Area of Your Life Improves Every Other Area
 Lesson 5: Your Greatest Superpower is Your Work Ethic
 Lesson 6: The Stronger Your "Why" the Easier Discipline Becomes
Module 4: Consistency
 Lesson 1: Consistency Will Make You Feel Like a Loser
 Lesson 2: Rituals Make Consistency 10x Easier
 Lesson 3: Make "Progress" Your Most Important Goal
 Lesson 4: The Jerry Seinfeld "X" System
 Lesson 5: The 3 Reasons Most People Fail at Consistency
Module 5: Momentum
 Lesson 1: How to Develop Unstoppable Momentum
 Lesson 2: Behavior Isn't Logical, It's Emotional
 Lesson 3: Why You Need to Say "No" To Almost Everything
 Lesson 4: High Performance Starts With High-Performance Habits
 Lesson 5: Here's How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome
Module 6: Mastery
 Lesson 1: A Visualization Exercise For a More Secure Future
 Lesson 2: Mastery Only Takes As Long As You Want it To Take
 Lesson 3: Want to Be a Master? Then Act Like Masters Do.
 Lesson 4: True Mastery Requires a Diverse Skill Set
 Lesson 5: How to Get from Point A to Point B: Mastery
 Lesson 6: Some Final Thoughts
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